Faith in my wellness

Today as I was walking out of the shops a notion came to mind
“I am to have faith in my own wellness”

A lot of the time, when I am down spiralling, I tend to have faith in being unwell.
I reach out to others begging for them to lend me some of their faith.
Just for a moment, just a little bit, just a teaspoon of it, and then I will be all well.
But I am to have faith in my own wellness.
For there is life in these words, and life in these thoughts.

Yesterday I asked my Mum to pray for me. But you see, you need to pray the day before, because you don’t know what battles the angels may have to go through to get to your doorstep on they way to answering a prayer. The prayer was finally received by the evening, when I experienced peace in my heart. And I was able to lay down and rest.

I awoke several times. The first time to sweet smelling flowers.

Then next to sweet smelling flowers again, but this time I could sense my spirit being lifted up, raised up by the Holy Spirit. I said to God “God pull me even closer to you”. The instant I prayed this, I experienced my spirit being raised as if on an elevator, even closer to God.

Oh how I long for His presence, how I long to experience His presence continually.

This is my prayer: That I am given the gift of peace. That I may keep it whether life is smooth or rough.





My thoughts today. I think the thing that makes the person feel ill about the OCD thing is the repeated urge to solve something. Its like a task master telling you, that you have to complete the steps (rituals/compulsions) and additionally solve the dilemma. If you don’t do this, then you cannot enjoy what you are otherwise doing. In fact you aren’t allowed to do it at all.

God give me the strength today,  in the name of Jesus. That “ill feeling” has returned, I was quite enjoying life without it. Forgive me for all my sins and deliver me from what ever it is that I cannot see or do myself. Have mercy on all those that suffer from this disease today, and particularly those that suffer from Relationship OCD. I pray for breakthrough and deliverance, and I pray we hear testimony of this for the building up of other believers. Thank you, I ask this in Jesus name who died so that I and many more could overcome this. Amen

Free Prayer Offer

I just wanted to put the offer out there to pray for anyone that needs prayer. I love to pray so let me know if you have any special prayer requests.

Mathew 18:19
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

God gave me the weapon of PRAISE

Just so you know … I’ve been going really well. Been facing life so positively, excited about the future. Loving my children and husband!

Today, I have noticed that the awful grip of the past/rejection … Is loosing its grip on me.

Last night I had it on my heart to pray for a couple of my dear Christian friends. And now for the first time I realise I am no longer in bondage in this particular area of my life.

Anyway once I started my prayers, I realised that I wasn’t to pray FOR them, but I was moved to PRAISE God for them. WOW. It was so lovely and amazing, and powerful to experience my gratefulness in the full for them. But it didn’t stop there. My spirit soared higher and higher as I was then praising God for ALL of my Christian friends that I had met in the last 3-4 years. I saw just how precious they are.

It was like medicine for my soul to praise God on this matter, as it seems to have release me from an awful prison that I’ve been held in for many, many years. You see I felt this sense of rejection from alot of my friends (non-Christian) because of my rOCD. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but because I was suffering from this form of OCD it made me quite ill. Anyway, as a result I was cut off from them. But after last night, I realised, I am not a looser, I am not at the tail. I am winner, I am at the head! I am blessed and a child of God. I no longer have to be accepted by those that have rejected me, because I am accepted by my God.

I have always had intrusive thoughts come into my mind that I had been unable to resist, telling me that I had failed, and lost a part of myself by not succeeding in these friendships. But I now realise, that they where fools gold. Like really. They are not the real deal. For so long I believed that as long as I was rejected by them, I would never be whole. But you see I had it all wrong to place my value in those that did not truly value me. My identity is no longer wrapped up in them, but my identity is now in Jesus. I am valuable to Him. You know its taken me years to actually GET this. But this one moment has unveiled the truth to me.

Thankyou God for giving me the weapon of PRAISE

I have a wonderful relationship with my God. Even though, on some days I suffer from severe Relationship OCD



Wouldn’t it be so awesome if God leant down and whispered all the answers your your ear….

When we are reading God’s word, he calls us to AGREE with him. This involves a decision on our part, then He comes in and performs His word.

I remember one night after going to a revival gathering in Perth going home, lying in bed and praying to God. WHAT IS THE ANSWER LORD????? He knew exactly what I was asking.

I heard back from Him that night His Word was:

AGREE. (with Him)
His response was so loud and clear, it as amazing.

At this point of my walk, I had no idea that agreeing with God was such a typical characteristic of Him, but was excited to hear so when I shared my experience with fellow Christians.

So it involves us being bold and courageous enough to stand up and Agree. Deciding to agree that is. We don’t have to feel we agree, we just take the attitude of agreeing.

Allow yourself to AGREE.

In Jesus name, Amen.