My thoughts today. I think the thing that makes the person feel ill about the OCD thing is the repeated urge to solve something. Its like a task master telling you, that you have to complete the steps (rituals/compulsions) and additionally solve the dilemma. If you don’t do this, then you cannot enjoy what you are otherwise doing. In fact you aren’t allowed to do it at all.

God give me the strength today,  in the name of Jesus. That “ill feeling” has returned, I was quite enjoying life without it. Forgive me for all my sins and deliver me from what ever it is that I cannot see or do myself. Have mercy on all those that suffer from this disease today, and particularly those that suffer from Relationship OCD. I pray for breakthrough and deliverance, and I pray we hear testimony of this for the building up of other believers. Thank you, I ask this in Jesus name who died so that I and many more could overcome this. Amen


OCD, the gut and sauerkraut


I suffer from OCD, and have done alot of research on the physical aspects so I can tackle it from all angles. Research shows that there is a physical component to OCD. The basal ganglia part of the brain, is the area that is notably disrupted for those who suffer from OCD. Also what is interesting, is that there are reports that the onset of OCD is often triggered by the event of strep throat, AND it has been reported that bad bacteria in tummy is also linked to mental health.

WELL. I seem to have had a very long history of tummy upset, and general digestive upsets. But most notably, just when my body seems to be well again, after a couple of days, I get a slightly ill tummy, bloating in my intestinal track, then diahorrea. Its so frustrating, as I feel like my body is being starved of nutrients.  I am about 5kgs less than I would like to be. Prior to the onset of my OCD, I would actually have the “luxury” of wanting to LOOSE some weight, however it hasn’t been like that in years, now I struggle to put weight on.

Things started to click into place, when I got onto yoghurt probiotics to help settle my stomach, as I got the inkling that maybe it was bad bacteria I was dealing with. This seemed to help on a whole, but still I needed something more. This is when I discovered sauerkraut, it has the same “good bacteria” as the pro-biotics, but with added nutritional benefits. I’ve been eating copious amounts of it, and it seems to have moved the ill feeling in my tummy, and broken down a constant big lump of gas that sits in my upper intestines. The lump of gas in my upper intestines/stomach would actually make a squelching sound when I pushed in and out .. Anyway, its gone. Only downside is I am farting alot (excuse me), but I think this is a good thing, as it is moving everything nasty out of me. Oh and my tummy is feeling great. I have been waking up feeling full of vitality, I don’t normally feel like this!

Halleluliah! I really think this is going to get my body back on track and my body weight back to how it should be. I am going to have my beautiful body back PRAISE GOD!!!!!

I suffer from Relationship OCD which are my hardest days (but not today though). Sauerkraut-in-bowl-010.jpg