The key to my good day

All in all I had a good day today. And I believe that this is the reason why:

About 3am in the morning (before this day officially began) I woke up and somehow I felt called to praise God. Somehow I felt led to it. I don’t know why.

So I went up the stairs and I mentally praised God in our living room. Nothing overly exerting, just praising Him. Nothing overly emotional, just praising Him. Not asking for anything, just acknowledging Him.

And then my daughter called out to me and I ran down stairs again into my bed.

In the morning when I awoke there was no oppression waiting for me. I just felt energised. My husband wasn’t feeling so great, yet I was able to carry this burden quite easily. I called him a few times at work in the morning to see if he was okay. He was a bit burdened, however I didn’t have any guilt, I was able to support him.

I believe the reason I was able was because I praised.


PS: beautiful evening with my husband, I listened to him while he told me all his worries (he complained to me recently that I never ask him how he feels). And so we spent all evening discussing how he felt. So good. A real breakthrough in our relationship has been that I simply ask him how he is feeling. Its kinda nice to not have my feelings as the focal point anymore.



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