I’m noticing something about OCD

Recently I’ve been taking a real simple approach and responding to any OCD thought with:
“Thats not true”. To be honest its actually stopped the OCD it in its tracks. Because I am essentially giving myself the confidence of coming to the same conclusion that I always end up with after any OCD episode. I’m kinda thinking, well how about I just take the attitude that I always arrive at and slot it in a bit earlier in the process, rather than exhausting myself. So I stopped entertaining the thought.

I started to notice something:
NORMALLY when I get an OCD thought, I quickly jump into the mode of
“trying to proove that the opposite of the thought is true”
ie: the ROCD thought might say
“I don’t find my husband sexy”
Normally I go searching for some sort of evidence that he IS sexy.

Aha! … I realised something. I don’t have to proove myself, I don’t have to proove anything. I just need to see the liar. I don’t have to proove my love for my husband, the list goes on. All I need to do is to not believe the thought. This sounds so subtle but there is actually a huge difference between not believing a lie and trying to proof that the opposite is true of the lie. Because as soon as you try and proove something, you entertain the possibility that the lie is true.

I am a skinny girl okay? So if someone comes along to me and says
“You are kind of chubby”, I would NOT pull up my top and try to proove the opposite … I wouldn’t agonise for hours trying to disprove this lie. I think I would kind of either look blankly at them, think they where pulling the piss or I would say “Um yeah right” (sarcastically of course). I don’t have to proove anything.

I am Relationship OCD sufferer but there are some days that I am free of it, others I am not.



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