OCD is a magician


OCD is a magician, heres why.

Today as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a video post where was a “magician” who could “read your mind”. Sure enough, when I read it, the magician did indeed “read my mind”  … or had he just played a trick on me?


The magician said to: choose a “simple” colour, (like yellow pink or indigo – BUT DONT CHOOSE THESE he said), then go to the last letter, and if the last letter is not a vowel, then go to the last vowel. Then he said to choose a food starting with that letter … well the letter that invariably comes up is the letter “e” and everyone chooses “egg”…. That was his stupid trick …

So here is the trick exposed:
All “simple” primary colours are either yellow, red, blue. Secondary colours are green, purple orange, violet … all of their last vowels are e, and the the “magician”tricks you into not being able to use “i.e. yellow, pink and indigo” … Thats his trick …

Now doesn’t that sound alot like OCD? The magician is trying to CONvince you into thinking of an egg (notice I highlighted the CON part in the word). Same with OCD, except the magician in your mind is trying to convince you of your worst possible senario. A  magician ALWAYS has the same aim in mind, to CONvince you of the something that doesn’t make sense.

The magician in your mind does this by covering up the TRUTH. Now in the case of the above, the TRUTH is that there are at least three other colours that don’t have an E, yet the magician quickly disregards and says “but don’t use these”. Sounds alot like the magician of the mind: Yes, there is this small bit of evidence over here, but YOU aren’t allowed to use that, lets forget about all that (i.e.: somewhere in your mind you also believe that your worst nightmare is also NOT true, and there is evidence for this, but your mind tricks you into disregarding it)

The magician of your mind says “oh you can’t use that bit of evidence”  …. hahahaha, that is your magician OCD mind’s key to its tricks …. because that “little bit of evidence” completely disproves the magician, and completely strips him of his clever tricks … Now I want you to tell me, what on earth does all the truthful evidence (that the magician tells us to ignore) have to do with EGGS???? Nothing! Eggsaclty. Because the magician is a manipulating liar. The father of all liars.

Another thing magicians do, is just as they are about to pull a trick – is distraction … Distract you from what may I ask????? Distract you from the TRUTH. And have you noticed that OCD sometimes pops in just when you are relaxing and having a good time? Its the magicians clever way of stealing the truth and craftily replacing it with its distractive lie.

Good old smoke and mirrors, good old magic tricks. However its the Truth that will set you free.

I loved running across this magic trick today. And on other days, I suffer quite severely from Relationship OCD. Not today though, today I’m having an awesome day!



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