OCD and the Will of God …

Good news OCD-ers

I stumbled upon this amazing article (see below) that explains the two wills of God.
His sovereign Will (i.e: its gonna happen no matter what cause He said so). And His commandment Will (we need to OBEY, however, sadly we often break it).

It made me realise: well that means I no longer have to worry about anything, because I don’t really have any other responsibility other than to keep his commands. You see I often got all confused about what the “will of God is”, the sovereign will that is. It seems to make my OCD go hay-wire as I think I have all this responsibility and I “should really be figuiring it all out” or “I really need to do something about it now”. However the sovereign will means He’s just going to do what He is going to do anyway, He’s in control, He’s responsible for us. (please read the article for a thorough explanation)

Now there was one more thing … when we start to wonder “what is Gods sovereign will” and try to figure it out ahead of time, and keep asking for a word from God on it … do you know what that is??????? Its called DIVINATION!!! You want God to give you a crystal ball  to tell you what is going to happen ahead of time. This is sin. WOW. This is GOOD NEWS for OCD sufferers. GOOD NEWS. It means He doesn’t actually put that pressure on us to delve into it, to try to figure it all out…

Well the lovely thing that happened after I read this article, is I went to my church, and I was stunned when the preacher started talking about the story in the bible which involved a woman who was into divination, and this spirit was cast out of her. WOW!!! I know in my life, I have spent alot of time going down this wicked path, so I know I opened this door… HAVE YOU?

One more thing .. early on in my walk, a Christian lady got a word for me … apparently God told her that I was terrified of the future, and I wanted to know everything … And He was not going to ever tell me … Wow, the pieces are coming together!!

I love it when God speaks into my life, today was one of those days. And on other days I suffer from Relationship OCD (not today thought)



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