Today I saw the devil at work

You know, I’ve often wondered to myself whether the devil is “really” at work or whether its just my mind.

These days, with our advancements in science, we often frame things with logic, and now have other explanations for things that would have otherwise have been blamed on the devil. However if evolution is not true (going by what the Bible says), then surely spiritual evolution is not true either. Lets take OCD, some of the greatest Christians struggled with OCD, however none of them had a name for it other than being tormented by thoughts from the devil. However these days, because of the influence of science and other things, we will say that OCD is a chemical imbalance. Now I am not denying that OCD doesn’t have a component of this, but what I am questioning, is: what part of OCD does the devil tamper with? At what point can we say: aha! I can see you at work devil! Get behind me Satan!!!

I would say, that the part the devils plays, is the initial suggestion. The thought, if ingested, then potentially takes root, and a persons whole being takes the suggestion as their own thought, and a truth. They become confused, as the thought is oh so familiar and could have been manufactured by themselves. I think its really important to know the devil we face, to recognise his voice, to be able to distinguish it from ourselves.

So anyway, today I saw the devil at work, when a load of rotten thoughts came in and bombarded my mind, accused me of being a two faced bitch, and a nasty person. At that point I had a decision to make. I could either react in accordance to what those suggestions said to me, and act guiltily, act repentantly, act remorsefully, or …. I could do just the opposite, and walk with my head held high. Because I am not what that lie accused me of and I do not have to act guiltily, EVEN if other people should think so, I know what is in my heart and what is not, and so does the LORD.

I am not a prisioner of the thoughts that try to hold me hostage, because I don’t agree with it. Its a dirty lie, and I don’t believe a rotten word of it. I saw the devil at work today, and on other days I suffer from Relationship OCD. But life is getting better, and I believe there is hope for me.




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