God you are responsible for my life

Here is an excerpt of some Christian advise I read today in regards to marriages that are having it rough. Today I have surrendered everything to you Lord

When my husband left our marriage many years ago I got a really good piece of advice from a cousin who had also been through the same thing. I fully believe God used her to speak this to me and I will pass it on to you. She told me that after her husband left (by the way that marriage was fully and miraculously restored), she went around literally giving everything to Jesus.

She spoke out loud; “Jesus I give you my…” and then she would name the thing – her material possessions, her children, her wayward husband, her emotions, her future, her thoughts – EVERYTHING. This was not just a verbal exercise. She really meant it from the bottom of her heart. It meant she didn’t own that thing anymore; Jesus did. So now it was all his responsibility, not hers.

I took my cousin’s advice and it freed me from the responsibility of making anything happen or worrying about what more I could do. I had turned it over to God. Not only that, priorities were now straight. My eyes were no longer on my husband; they were on the Lord.

This shift produced rest but don’t confuse rest with being passive. Most of what I learned about intercessory prayer was birthed during that time and intercession is anything but passive! So prayer is another healthy choice you can make.


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