Trigger points

When I was out gardening the other day, and I felt my rOCD trigger go off, I was reminded of physiotherapy trigger points. I remember my friend telling me once that the physio will find the knot in the muscle, and press down on the lump. Sometimes its hard to find, and it slips out from under the fingers. But once you press it in just the right spot, you clamp down on it, and put your whole body weight into pressing down on the one point. It HURTS like anything, but after a while, the pain subsides, and leaves, and there is a relief. What is actually happening is the muscle is being starved of oxygen and blood, its being starved of life. Then what happens is the muscle relaxes.

This is what I then applied to my rOCD trigger, that afternoon, I starved it, I didn’t give it the attention and “life” it was demanding. Rather I got about my own life in the garden instead.



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