My rOCD jar

Yesterday my husband said to me that I should have a list of things that “I really WANT to do” PLUS a little money jar…. every time I get the OCD niggles, I do something on that list, and if money is needed, then crack open the jar ….. šŸ™‚ What a beautiful idea! I think YOU should do it too!!!

  1. Paint the picket fence white (buy white outdoor paint)
  2. Fill the boarders of downstairs patio with plum slate (buy the slate + black plastic)
  3. Transplant the water plants from the pond (buy a big pot)
  4. Plant tulips bulbs at the top of the drive (buy tulip bulbs)
  5. Paint the shed (decide on colours and buy outdoor paint)
  6. Plant the eucalypt tree
  7. Take clippings from mother-in-laws garden (prepare pots and place in greenhouse)
  8. Plant holly bush (from Liz)
  9. Look into buying some sand for the sand pit
  10. Look into rubber edging for sandpit

I will gradually add to this list as I go … but this is a start, I hope you are feeling inspired too. I just realised, that everything on this list is an out-doors thing, that if I was not in the UK, I wouldn’t be doing. I’m realising just how blessed I am.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.28.44 pm
Inspiration for three tone colours to paint the shed “Beach Hut Style”. But use Grey/Blue’s instead…

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