Wouldn’t it be so awesome if God leant down and whispered all the answers your your ear….

When we are reading God’s word, he calls us to AGREE with him. This involves a decision on our part, then He comes in and performs His word.

I remember one night after going to a revival gathering in Perth going home, lying in bed and praying to God. WHAT IS THE ANSWER LORD????? He knew exactly what I was asking.

I heard back from Him that night His Word was:

AGREE. (with Him)
His response was so loud and clear, it as amazing.

At this point of my walk, I had no idea that agreeing with God was such a typical characteristic of Him, but was excited to hear so when I shared my experience with fellow Christians.

So it involves us being bold and courageous enough to stand up and Agree. Deciding to agree that is. We don’t have to feel we agree, we just take the attitude of agreeing.

Allow yourself to AGREE.

In Jesus name, Amen.



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