Be confident. Be sure.

A provocative statement coming from someone who suffers from OCD.
I was challenged by my husband the other day. We recently moved from Australia to the UK. He said to me, in terms of our decision, I had to BE CONFIDENT, that we no longer wanted to live there, but to live here in the UK. I had to decide it was OUR decision.

He had a point, and he wasn’t asking the impossible at all. It was just the attitude he was pointing out to me. To have the attitude that I am confident in our decision. It doesn’t mean that I won’t miss Australia some times, or that sometimes I didn’t like being in the UK. (Truth is I like being here). So he was challenging me to be confident about this, to act confidently, to take it as a given that we can stand behind our decisions.

… And it is just a decision. I realised that he was passing me the keys to freedom, telling me I was allowed to be in control of my life, and this was how to do it.

We need to be telling our brains, that this is what we have decided, and it will act accordingly … Brain response: “oh okay, thats all sorted then”

But when we start to question our own motives, we are telling our brains we are really not sure.
Brain response: “Look! Look! Ive got more evidence to bring to you of WHY you are NOT sure!!!!”

The moment an “OCD” thought gets thrown at us, there is a millionth of a second moment where we DO have control, and this is the moment that we DON’T BELIEVE the “evidence” that the brain is throwing out to us. We DON”T BELIEVE it when the brain says there is a threat, even when we know logically there isn’t a threat.

Response to brain: “Thanks brain, but you are wrong. There’s nothing to be worried about”
Brain response:”Okay, well lets just continue enjoying life then”

We don’t reassure our brains by looking into what it is suggesting to us:
Response to Brain: “ohh…. why did you say that? Why would you say that? Do you think its  a problem? No its not a problem because of this evidence brain”
Brain response: “Well what about this evidence, and this evidence and this evidence”

See what has happened? You just got tripped over by your brain and took the bait of OCD. You’re hooked! And the worm was its “evidence”. False evidence.

I am learning alot about my mind on other days I am a sufferer of ROCD.



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